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Nioh 2 – What Do Little Purple Kodama Do

Nioh 2 Sudama

As you traverse the perilous lands of Sengoku era Japan in Nioh 2, you’ll undoubtedly come across cute little purple characters – who look a lot like the Kodama perched on Shrines – speaking an undecipherable language and who seem to ‘’want something”.

Like their green Kodama brethren, these characters, named ‘Sudama’, are good-natured and looking to help you on your quest. While the Kodama’s purpose in the game is pretty explicitly shown, that’s not the case for the Sudama. It’s vital, then, that you get the lowdown on what they’re dotted around for, especially since it’s required to complete some side missions.

What do Sudama do in Nioh 2?

Simply put, Sudama want your equipment. Within Nioh 2 you’re going to come across a plethora of loot at nearly every turn, and most of it you won’t even bother using, instead offering it up to Kodama for Divine Rice to use at the Kodama’s Bazaar. Well, instead of doing that, next time you engage with a Sudama, go into your equipment screen and drop something in front of them, preferably something high level.

Once done the Sudama will take it, appear pleased, and give you back items of comparable rarity in return. This can be weapons, armours, or specific items. It’s a particularly handy way of getting rid of duplicate equipment pieces which becomes prevalent later in the game.

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