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Nioh 2 Walkthrough: Kodama Locations: Region 1 & 2

Nioh 2 is the next installment in Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja’s samurai action/adventure game. Just like in the original Nioh there are plenty of secrets to find, loot to collect and Kodama to find to help make your Yokai slaying adventure easier. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide some video guides to help you find some of the hidden and adorable little Kodama in our Nioh 2 walkthrough guide.

Nioh 2 Kodama Locations

Nioh 2 Walkthrough Guide: Kodama Locations: Region 1 & 2

Each region in Nioh 2 features multiple missions with primary story missions and plenty of sub-missions. Kodama is located primarily in main story missions but there are times some of them will be found in sub-missions. But what are Kodama and why should you waste your time finding them? Here are the Nioh 2 Kodama locations for the first two reigons.

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Kodama are small little spirit creatures with a small little had and are green in color. They don’t pose any threat to you as the player but they provide you with boosts and a small little Kodoma Bazaar where you can buy Elixirs and other items. To buy these items from the Kodoma Bazaar, you have to make an offering to the Kodama at the Kodama Shrine. These are weapons and armor that you have no more use for after making an offering you’ll receive Divine Rice which is a currency you can use at the Kodama Bazaar.

The other big benefit of finding the Kodama are the special boosts they provide for the character. There five different types of Kodama and five of each of the four to find throughout each region. These boosts include an increase drop rate for materials. increased Elixir drops, increases in Soul Core drops, increased Amrita from enemies, and an increase in equipment drops. The more of each Kodoma you have the higher the percentage increase to these drops. So there is a benefit to find them all.

Nioh 2 Kodama Locations: Region 1

Mission: Village of Cursed Blossoms: Hides seven Kodama as seen below.

Mission: Beast Born of Smoke and Flame: Hides seven Kodama as seen below.

Sub Mission: Forest Veiled in Darkness and Dark Omens: Hides two Kodama in the Forest and three in the Dark Omens and five Kodama between the two sub-missions.

Mission: The Vipers Sanctum: Hides six Kodama as seen below.

Nioh 2 Kodama Locations: Region 2

Mission: Hidden Monsters of Okehazama: Hides seven Kodama as seen below.

Mission: Mysterious One Night Castle: Hides seven Kodama as seen below.

Mission: The Hollow Fortress: Hides six Kodama as seen below.

Mission: A Hot-Blooded Howl: Hides five Kodama as seen below.

We hope these videos helped you in finding all the Kodama in the first two regions. Stay tuned to PSU as we provide Kodama locations for the third and fourth regions. Also, check out all of our boss guide videos to help you through some of the more difficult battles in the game along with our various tips guides.