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Nioh 2 Walkthrough Guide: Boss Battles 1-5

Nioh 2 is the next installment in Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja’s samurai action/adventure game. Just like in the original Nioh there are plenty of secrets to find, loot to collect, Kodama to find to help make your Yokai slaying adventure easier. In our latest Nioh 2 walkthrough guide, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide some video guides to help you take on the big bad bosses.

Nioh 2 Walkthrough Guide: Boss Battles 1-5

Nioh 2 features plenty of bosses to take down. From the small to the large. Each boss can be a tough beast and depending on your playstyle and weapon choice some bosses I found hard may be easy for others and vice versa. All the boss guide videos we provide are completed with the simplest of tactics. Melee combat utilizing the tools given to us.

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Of course, those who want to use Onmuya Magic and Ninjutsu are welcome to do so but our videos are designed to show you what enemy attacks look like and how best to avoid them. Nioh 2 provides you with plenty of tools to take down these massive foes the best of which is the Burst Counter. This new ability allows you to counter attack a devastating blow from the enemy.

This attack can be spotted when the enemy has a red and gray cloud appear around them as they prepare for the attack. Right as the attack is about to connect with you simply pres the R2 = Circle button at the same time to execute the Burst Counter. This counter does good damage to the enemies Ki allowing you to stun them that much faster but it also prevents them from opening up a dark portal on the ground which prevents you from recovering Ki that you then have to dispel.

In this first video guide we have provided some good tactics to help you defeat the first five bosses in Nioh 2:

Nioh 2 First Boss – Mezuki Boss Walkthrough

Nioh 2 Gozuki (Optional Boss) Walkthrough: The Gozuki is the first enemy you encounter in Nioh 2. You can avoid fighting it by simply running past the enemy or you can defeat it and get some nice loot. This boss fights just like the Mezuki with fewer types of attacks but the strategy remains the same. The Gozuki isn’t incredibly fast and staying close to it is the best strategy to avoid its long swinging and smashing attacks.

Nioh 2 Enenra Boss Walkthrough

Nioh 2 Yatsu-no-Kami Boss Walkthrough

Nioh 2 Imagawa Yoshimoto Boss Walkthrough

Nioh 2 Kamaitachi Boss Walkthrough

We hope these videos helped you in defeating some of these bosses. Stay tuned to PSU as we provide even more boss guide videos in the future.