No Man’s Sky update 1.06 details, patch releases next week

The No Man’s Sky update 1.06 will be released later this week. The latest No Man’s Sky patch aims to fix many of the crash issues that have been experienced since launch.

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No Man’s Sky update 1.06 crash fixes

Via Twitter, Hello Games said that the previous No Man’s Sky update 1.04 fixed around 75 percent of crash issues for PS4, while patch 1.05, released on Sunday, fixes around 87 percent of crash issues.

No Man’s Sky update 1.06 will now fix 90 percent of crashes, claims the studio, and will include other fixes and improvements, which will be revealed in the No Man’s Sky patch notes shortly.

"If a PS4 crashes, it sends us a crash dump. Over the last week since the game came out we categorised and fixed these in order of priority," Hello Games tweeted.

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That still leaves another 10 percent of crashes unresolved, but Hello Games says it is working to resolve all issues.

"We obviously won’t stop until these issues are 100% resolved,” said the developer.

No Man’s Sky launched earlier this month, and takes players on a space exploration journey with billions of planets to explore. Despite it shooting to the top of the retail charts at launch, it’s reported that No Man’s Sky sales have declined by 81% in its second week.