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Outriders Demo Update 1.006.000 Rolls Out With Fix For Inventory Wipe Bug

People Can Fly and Square Enix have rolled out the Outriders demo update 1.006.000, which pleasingly comes with a much-need fix for – and this is straight from the horse’s mouth – “that damn inventory wipe bug.” Lovely!

You can get the official tweet below.

The Outriders demo is available to download now for PS5 and PS4, and you can read our impressions of the teaser here. Initially, the demo came with a bunch of annoying issues, including some irksome loading cutscenes.

Outriders isn’t far off from release, and will launch for PS5, PS4, PC, Google Stadia, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One on April 1, 2021. Be sure to look at the latest trailer here, which examines the game’s unforgiving setting of Enoch.

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In terms of performance, Outriders will run at 4K/60 FPS for Sony’s new home console, while the PS4 version is capped at 30 FPS.

[Source – Outriders on Twitter]