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Over 80% Of Horizon Forbidden West Sales In Europe Were Not Part Of A Bundle

Horizon Forbidden West was one of the biggest PS5 and PS4 releases of last year, and according to Christopher Dring, more than 80% of its sales across Europe were not part of a bundle.

Writing on Twitter, Dring was responding to a user who claimed that the majority of the 10 million Horizon Forbidden West copies sold last year were part of a bundle. Dring was quick to squash that theory however, responding with the following:

But 80%+ of Horizon’s sales across Europe were not part of a bundle

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Horizon Forbidden West was released for PS4 & PS5 in February 2022, and you can read our full review here. Developer Guerrilla Games is currently working on an expansion, Burning Shores, which is due out later this year, albeit not on PS4.

Elsewhere, it has been rumored that a remaster of Horizon Zero Dawn is currently in production for PS5, although it has been suggested that Guerrilla is not the studio handling the project. NCSoft is also reportedly developing a Horizon MMORPG.