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Ironwood Studios Dive Into How To Survive In Pacific Drive With Latest Gameplay Trailer

Pacific Drive is a driving survival-crafting game with a spooky and mysterious pacific northwest setting, and it’ll arrive on PS5 on February 22, 2024.

As that launch date is now less than a month away at time of writing, developer Ironwood Studios is delving into Pacific Drive’s gameplay, showcasing to players what to expect next month, while also providing some survival tips.

In the game’s latest trailer, creative director at Ironwood Studios Alexander Dracott and Pacific Drive’s game director Seth Rosen take players through some key details on how to make it out alive when venturing into the Olympic Exclusion Zone.

The Olympic Exclusion Zone is pretty much a Bermuda Triangle-like area in terms of mystery and in how anyone who enters it mysteriously isn’t heard from again.

A rougelike-twist on the OEZ is that every drive through it you take will change, and you’ll have to prepare yourself, and more importantly, your car, for anything.

You can check out the new gameplay summary trailer from Ironwood Studios for yourself, below.

For more on Pacific Drive, you can check out our hands-on preview, where we got to spend some serious time puttering around the OEZ.

Source – [Ironwood Studios]