Paladins Patch Notes Update

Paladins Servers Under Maintenance As Update 1.3 Hotfix 2 Arrives

paladins servers update 1.3 patch notes

The Paladins servers are currently offline on PC and PS4. The status switched from online to offline earlier today.

Paladins Servers Down On PS4 Today

Hi-Rez Studios has confirmed that there’s currently maintenance scheduled. The Paladins servers are down to prepare for Paladins update 1.3 hotfix #2. The patch was deployed on PC and the PS4 servers will also be down from 13:30 UTC.

There’s currently no estimate when the servers will be back online. Paladins Update 1.3 hotfix 2 fixes some issues that were found with Paladins update 1.3.

In case you missed it Paladins update 1.3 brings a host of new changes. These are detailed in the following patch notes:

Paladins Update 1.3 Patch Notes

This is a brief overview of update 1.3. Check out the official Paladin’s website for a more in-depth look.

  • NEW Champion – Koga, the Lost Hand
  • NEW Team Deathmatch Map – Abyss
  • Throne from Abyssal Spire is now a Custom Team Deathmatch Map
  • Multi-Queue is back!
  • Yes, that means that Team Deathmatch and Onslaught Queues have been separated

Battle Pass #2!

  • 25% Faster
  • 100% more unlocks (100+ in total)
  • 1 month longer to complete
  • Cooler Challenges (and maybe a secret?)
  • 3 Epic Skins
  • Cosmetic Wheel, so you have more ways to show off after eliminating your opponents
  • New Ranked Split
  • You know that thing where you’re making a Loadout, the queue pops, then you get sad because you can’t finish the loadout before the match? Now you can – until all the other players have accepted!
  • Rise of Furia is ending with 1.3, this is your last chance to unlock Abyssal Lord Drogoz forever!

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