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Paladins Update 1.6 Patch Notes Usher In Dark Tides: PS4 Update 1.74

Paladins Update

Paladins update 1.6 is available to download right now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC. The patch notes are slightly different per platform. You’ll see this download as update 1.74 on PS4.

In the press release from Hi-Rez Studios we discover that:

The rift into the Abyss is opening wider, and dark echoes are seeping into the Realm.

The new Dark Tides event highlights the newest Paladins update, featuring a new Champion, new map, new cosmetics, and a spooky event where boss monsters randomly appear in regular.

Paladins Update 1.60 Patch Notes

Update 1.6 also introduces the newest Champion to Paladins: Dredge, the Admiral of the Abyss. This pirate ruled the eight oceans before an unfortunate encounter with a dragon spelled his doom. Fortunately for Dredge (and unfortunately for the Paladins), Dredge was brought back to life by Abyssal forces. Now the undead admiral sails the seas again. And none will take his treasure.

Dredge is a Damage champion, wielding a grenade launcher-like Cursed Howitzer… with an adorable squid on top. He can do typical pirate things, like throwing a harpoon. But he also has

Abyssal powers, tearing Shortcut portals through reality. Dredge can even summon a kraken! Also in 1.6, players will be able to do battle in Dredge’s hideout: Marauder’s Port, a new

Onslaught map. In ancient times, this remote island was home to an Abyssal cult. Over the years, the isle became a haven for crooks, scoundrels, and anyone escaping watchful eyes – including the pirate Dredge.

The 1.6 update is the biggest yet and offers more cosmetics than ever before. Ying becomes an armored demon, Fernando turns into a ghost knight, and Vivian is a vampire-hunting vampire.

Even better, the “lone wolf” Viktor becomes an actual werewolf, Inara is encased in spiky steel, and Talus… gets dressed up for Halloween (and it’s adorable!)

The PC and PS4 version both received the Paladins update 1.60 hotfix. Here’s the patch notes:

Paladins Update 1.6 Patch Notes

  • Fixed a crash issue with chat between Steam and non-Steam players
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Daily Deal’s display
  • Fixed an issue where Steam pre-linking dialog was not always being shown on login
  • Fixed a visual issue with Ying’s mirror
  • Fixed an issue with Grohk’s ultimate speed moving slower than intended
  • Fixed an issue with Bomb King’s Sticky Bomb not taking damage unless it was stuck to a player
  • Fixed an issue where shooting range would fail to load after leaving once
  • Fixed an issue where new Steam users would not be able to create a player name or log in to game
  • Fixed an audio issue where Full Moon Viktor’s missile impact sounds were not as loud as intended
  • Fixed an optimization issue on Marauder’s Port, where the map would consume more memory than necessary

The Dark Tides event is free to play now on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

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