PES 2016: Essential Master League tips

PES 2016 Master League has long been a standout feature of Konami’s annual football game, but after a few stale years it feels much fresher in this year’s iteration. PES 2016 does guide you through the basics, but there are some essential extra tips that can help you get the best out of your fledgling side.

pes 2016 master league guide

Check out these PES 2016 essential Master League tips:

Five best players from the default squad to get you in the winning habit

To truly get the best experience of how special Master League can be you should opt for the default no-name squad list instead of the regular club lineup. It throws you in with a bunch of nobodies to make do with until you can afford better players. It’s always the same squad so we can tell you who to use and cultivate in those early seasons as you go on that run to managerial superstardom.

E.Castledine (AMF) Develops quickly and despite being registered as an attacking midfielder he works better as a second striker (SS). Creates and scores goals so a vital part of your team’s first spine.

M. Yankov (CF) This young Bulgarian striker has an eye for goal and though he isn’t the highest-rated player in your forward line, he is very prolific at scoring from tight angles and finds space extremely well. Doesn’t develop all that quick, but he should provide goals from the start.

I. Hettich (DMF) The defenders you start with are prone to many gaffes so it pays to protect them as they learn, nobody does that better than Hettich. He tackles well and wins so many midfield battles that start goalscoring opportunities.

C.Schipper (RMF) While M Pallister is better at crossing on the right, Schipper is quicker and more creative with the ball. He’ll chip in with goals too.

Q. Arcas (AMF) Played behind the frontline, Arcas can wreak havoc on slower defences with his tricky feet, he’s technically sound and sets up goals beautifully.

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Use the Youth Team to save money

If you aren’t happy with the cover for certain positions or an injury crisis has left you short on centre backs then you could do a lot worse than bringing through some Youth Team players to bolster the squad. The joy of nurturing a promising starlet into a world class player is also a factor, as is the money you save by not going out and blowing your budget on a couple of established players you may not need long term. At the very least you should find a better goalkeeper there than those you start with.

Use cup competitions and friendlies to try out fringe players

It’s easy to get stuck using the same set of players for every game as you fear what will happen if you don’t, but you will need to call on the fringe players at some point, be it to allow a rest for an overworked midfielder, or to cover a bad injury. The best way to experiment for any length of time early on is to rotate the squad heavily for friendlies, cup matches and dead rubber matches. You may discover you had a better player for a position that you never played because the first teamer had better stats. More importantly, by using more of your squad you not only find out where it needs work, but also give yourself a stronger bench to call upon. If they turn out to be awful then you can ship them out and look for better backup.

The loan system is your friend

As mentioned earlier, money isn’t exactly flowing out of your pockets at the start so in order to improve the squad you have the Youth setup to call upon, and just as vitally, the loan system. By taking in young talent not getting game time at their parent club, or old hands that are being phased out, you can greatly improve your squad for the season. A solid, experienced centre back, a hungry young talent in midfield and a reliable striker who is being neglected by his current club are key players to get in through loans. It’s here that a little research pays off.

Don’t make your squad unbalanced

Overloading the frontline with super strikers and neglecting the backline is whimsical nonsense in PES 2016 because you may have the goalscoring power, but if your defensive line can’t handle a simple set piece or through ball without panic then it counts for naught. You’ll drop more points by being unbalanced so when you invest into the team you need to improve each area gradually by buying players who suit your style rather than those who have the highest stats. A solid, dependable team of players who connect properly will always win out against a team of flashy egos.

Understand and utilize player roles

Player Roles are special titles that can be earned by members of your squad that affect both mental and physical attributes as well as increasing club funding in some cases. They can make one player significantly better over time, and often this has a pleasant effect on the player’s teammates as well. From spurring the team on in the face of adversity by grabbing a game by the scruff of the neck, to solidifying a defence as the opponent’s assault the penalty area in search of a 90th minute equaliser, these roles can bear great fruit if you continue to meet the parameters in which they were given (usually ensuring a player gets to be in his favoured position consistently). As players progress their role will likely change to reflect their new status within the team.

Here’s a rundown on the different Player Roles and their benefits.

Youth Prospect: Receive more EXP each match played to build player rating faster
Protege: Further EXP boost and an affinity for team instruction is also boosted
Star Player: Merchandise sales for this player will increase
Superstar: More merchandise sales, extra income from Fan Club, sponsor bonus. Can boost further if player is made captain.
Leader: Player’s condition is boosted by one in important games and derbies.
General: Boost certain other players condition around any player with this role. If captain, team will benefit from less player tiredness.
Maestro: Player gains more EXP from set weekly training.
Grand Master: Same perks as Maestro, but added EXP boost to teammates if player is made captain.
Bandiera: Has all the benefits of Superstar, Grand Master and General. Can only be earned by a long-term loyal player.
Legend: Same benefits as Bandiera, but extends a development bonus to teammates as well.

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