Phantom Blade Zero Phantom Blade Zero Game Length PS5 S-Game

Phantom Blade Zero Will Last 30-40 Hours, Multiplayer Dungeons Also Featured

S-Game has revealed some key details on Phantom Blade Zero during a Q&A on Discord, confirming the game will feature multiplayer and should last players around 30-40 hours in terms of length.

When asked how long the game is, the studio revealed that players can expect plenty of side quests to tackle, not to mention the inclusion of multiplayer dungeons and boss rushes among other content.

Main story alone is about 30~40h, and there are tons of side quests to play with. Upon completing the story mode, players are presented with a plethora of endgame content that includes various multiplayer dungeons, boss rushes, rogue-like abysses, and more.

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Phantom Blade Zero takes the form of an action-RPG featuring themes from Asian cultures, and sprinkles a healthy dose of marital arts and steampunk over the proceedings for good measure. Set in a Phantom World, the game sees players controlling an assassin, Soul, who has been framed for the murder of the leader of The Order.

Soul is mortally wounded, but saved by a magic healer, albeit only for 66 days. As such, Phantom Blade Zero’s narrative feels like a race against time as you must work to defeat The Order’s enemies and bring those responsible to justice.

Phantom Blade Zero is currently in development for PC and PS5

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