Phantom Doctrine PS4 News Release Dates

Cold War Strategy Game Phantom Doctrine Hits PS4 Next Month

Polish developer CreativeForge Games has announced that its turn-based strategy title Phantom Doctrine will be heading to PS4 next month.

From August 14, you’ll be able to tuck into some Cold War espionage action on your PlayStation 4 where you can work for the CIA or the KGB in a 40+ hour single-player story. There’s also a 1v1 multiplayer mode and New Game Plus to ensure the Cold War never ends. It also comes in at a reasonable $39.99.

CreativeForge Games, who also made Hard West, released a cinematic trailer to coincide with the release date news.

Players will lead The Cabal, a secret organization fighting back against a global conspiracy trying to control the world at the peak of the Cold War. You will command your base of operations from the shadows as you recruit and train agents, investigate cases, forge documents, research new tech, and biochemical engineering. Oh, and of course, you can interrogate and brainwash enemies to gain a tactical edge.

You can drop your agents into action kitted out with massive firepower, or keep it sleek and simple with a more covert get-up.

I’m a sucker for turn-based strategy, so naturally, Phantom Doctrine is of great interest to me. That it has this Cold War espionage backdrop only makes it more intriguing. I look forward to checking it out next month.