PlayStation 3 takes European lead

Discounting the Nintendo Wii as most gamers consider it to be a side-category in comparison to the next generation battle brewing between the XBOX 360 and PlayStation 3, Sony’s console has officially taken the total sales lead across Europe. With today’s PlayStation event taking place in London, SCEE boss David Reeves made a rather large announcement in regards to how well the PS3 is doing in Europe.

"I’m also delighted to announce today that we have sold over 5 million PlayStation 3’s throughout Europe," Reeves said.

"We are particularly proud of this as it has been achieved in a similar time frame as PlayStation 2 which retailed, if you remember, at a significantly lower price."

Also mentioned at today’s event was the fact that Sony has been outselling its largest competitor since October of 2007. On top of that, Reeves was glad to finally announce the sales lead change in Europe today as well.

"I am delighted to be able announce today that we have sold more PlayStation 3’s throughout Europe than Xbox 360 – even though they launched sixteen months before PS3."

"These numbers are a testament to the strength of the PlayStation brand throughout our region, the ever-increasing number of titles being launched, the rich content on offer and its appeal to different demographics and cultures."

This is an incredible achievement considering the time frame difference between console launches. Sony has made up a lot of ground within those 16 months of time and looks forward to continually closing that gap over the worldwide sales charts as well.