PlayStation developers, including Guerrilla Games, helped create the DualShock 4

The DualShock 4 is receiving lots of positive feedback from gamers and developers worldwide for its analog stick adjustments, touch pad, redesigned triggers. and more. Steven ter Heide, Producer on Killzone 2 and Killzone: Liberation, has spoken about PlayStation 4’s new controller came to be.

In an interview with CVG, ter Heide describes the new DualShock controller’s application to FPS games and how other PlayStation-owned studios got together to help with the development of and changes made to the controller. "For example," he says, "there are little tweaks to the indentation on the sticks, where you have your thumbs on them, we’ve slightly raised them so there’s a little bit more precision. They’re slight changes but they make a huge difference."

"It feels incredibly accurate, in your hands it feels solid, it feels really high quality with the materials that have been used," he continues. "it feels like you’re in control and particularly with that feeling of being a Shadow Marshal, this big hero guy with extra capabilities, it’s very suitable."

"And like we said earlier, we’ve been feeding back on what it should be for so long that I think we have what we wanted to have. It’s very suitable for Killzone."

You can read the entire interview with CVG here. Sony has mentioned the DualShock 4 controller we saw at the PlayStation Meeting last week was a ‘near-final’ build.

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