PlayStation Plus May 2017 free games and prediction rumors


[UPDATE] PlayStation Plus May 2017 games announced.

April is slowly drawing to a close, which means it won’t be long before Sony rolls out confirmation of the PlayStation Plus May 2017 free games lineup. However, before that happens, we’re going to attempt (and most probably fail, as is usually the case!) to predict what free PS4, PS3, and PS Vita games will be hitting Sony’s subscription-based service for the month ahead. If you missed it, check out our previous predictions article for the PS Plus April 2017 games.

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Unlike the past few months, this time around we haven’t caught word of one of the free games scheduled to hit PS Plus in May. As you may recall, in March we were given advance confirmation that David Jaffe’s Drawn to Death would be part of the PS Plus April free games lineup, although this time around we’re basically flying blind. Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a crack at predicting what free game we’ll be scooping up on PS Plus next month.

With that said, here’s what we think is hitting Playstation Plus in May 2017.

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The Escapists (PS4)


Team17’s top-down strategy romp is a cracking little title, and one that we think would be idea for PS Plus. The concept is simple, but the execution overwhelmingly fun and increasingly challenging: You’re an inmate banged up in the brink, and must escape from each prison to progress, although things get tougher as you complete each stage. Those of you who have a penchant for trial-and-error games will definitely find The Escapists up your street. 

Rayman Legends (PS4)

Iconic platforming hero Rayman hit PS4 back in 2014 in what is considered one of the finest offerings in the genre for the current generation of consoles. Those of you who have yet to sample the delights of the acclaimed Rayman Legends would do well to pick it up, and what better time than as a freebee on PS Plus? 

Neon Chrome (PS4/PS Vita Cross-Buy)


Twin-stick shooters are a snug fit on on both PS4 and PS Vita, and Neon Chrome is no exception to this. Combining addictive gameplay with instant pick-up-and-play appeal, this top-down blaster may not be the most original of its kind, but you’re still guaranteed hours of fun as you whoop legions of bad guys throughout some visually-striking levels. 

Hue (PS4/PS Vita Cross-Buy)

Developed by Fiddlesticks, this vibrant puzzle-platformer requires gamers to shift the ‘hue’ of the world to create rifts where colors collide. The game’s striking art direction meshes well with the intriguing color mechanic, which sees players manipulating the background of environments in order to progress. Those looking for a more cerebral platformer would definitely want to give Hue a shot. 

Resident Evil Zero HD (PS3)


Capcom’s survival horror prequel is something of a forgotten gem in the Resi crown, and one that has yet to grace the wonders of PS Plus. Zero might be old school, but it isn’t afraid to inject a few new wrinkles into the tapestry by introducing character swapping and the ability to drop items wherever you want, which gives the Resi template a little more of a strategic flavor than before in regards to item management. We’d love to see Resident Evil Zero HD as a PS3 freebie next month, and you’d do well to pick it up if it shows its face.