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Potential DualShock 5 Patent Hints Towards Tactile Braille Text Readout

Sony has filed a new patent for a controller attachment suggesting the DualShock 5 could support tactile braille text readout functionality.

DualShock 5 To Support Tactile Feedback, Suggests Sony Patent

A description of the patent, which was filed with the United States Patent Application, reads as follows:

A system includes a portable device for providing tactile feedback to a user, and a handheld games controller, the games controller including a receiving portion for securing the portable device to the games controller via the connecting portion; the portable device including a communication interface operable to receive text information, a tactile pad including a plurality of touch elements for generating a respective tactile output.

A connecting portion for securing the portable device to a handheld games controller, and a processor configured to receive the text information and to control the tactile output of at least some of the touch elements based on the received text information; the handheld games controller including a touch sensitive surface.

Could DualShock 5 support tactile feedback?

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The system according to claim 1, wherein the tactile pad comprises: a flexible layer; a plurality of pins arranged below the flexible layer; a plurality of actuators, each actuator being operable to control at least one of a displacement and size of one or more respective pins so as to deform the flexible layer; and wherein the touch elements comprise the plurality of pins, the processor being configured to control at least one of the displacement and size of the pins based on the received text information.

For those out of the loop, braille is a tactile writing system utilised by individuals who are visually impaired, traditionally written on embossed paper.

Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will launch in holiday 2020, although we’ve yet to see the console’s design.

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