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Predator Hunting Grounds Update 2.14 Hits PS4, Adds Custom Private Matches

Developer Illfonic has unleashed the Predator Hunting Grounds update 2.14 patch notes, which is now available to download for PS4, PC and Xbox One. The update adds support for both free and paid-for content, such as Custom Private Matches and newcomer Valkyrie.

Read up on Predator Hunting Grounds 2.14 below.

Paid DLC

New playable Predator – Valkyrie

Early Access to the new Predator weapon – Norse Hammer

Free Update

Custom Private Matches are now available! More info below

B34S-T Rocket Launcher is now available at Level 24

New Unlockable Predator masks available





Fixed an issue where the host would always be chosen as predator in private matches when everyone selects the team “?”

Added an option to disable the HUD while in game via the options menu (Video)

Fixed an exploit spot in Overgrowth

Reduced amount of the dead AI bodies that persist on the map (dependant on quality settings and platform)



Fixed an issue where Fireteam members were unable to spot Veritanium

Cycling through gear will now skip the gear that no longer has any uses left

Fixed an issue where the player would sometimes be unable to sprint with their knife out if both their primary and secondary weapons were empty

Fixed an issue where Reinforcements would appear to be available when there are no uses left

Fixed an issue where the Overseer specialization would sometimes cause downed Fireteam members to incorrectly exit the downed state

Fixed an issue where the O.W.L.F. Operative head would stretch across the map when quick claimed by the Predator


Plasma Rifle Prototype

Added 3 new shaders for the Plasma Rifle Prototype




Fixed an issue where the 6x scope would sometimes disappear while ADSing

Fixed an issue where the Plasma Rifle Prototype’s force feedback was not always working

B34S-T Rocket Launcher

Fixed an issue where the 6x scope rangefinder numbers are sideways while ADSing with the B34S-T Rocket Launcher

O.W.L.F. Pit Bull

Fixed an issue where the magazine was not being removed during the reload animation


Field Medic

Reduced the amount of health that the specialization Field Medic provides to revived players



Increased armor of all Predators

Fixed an issue where activating ADS was not overriding melee attacks

Fixed an issue where the Predator would sometimes lose input if the player claims while sprinting

Fixed an issue where skin patterns for the Elder Predator were only applying to the head

Fixed an issue where equipping the Samurai mask shader “Azure” would cause warpaints to not apply

Fixed an issue with the Vanadium shader not applying properly to the Immortal mask


Battle Axe

Added a bleed effect to the alternative attack


Fixed an issue where throwing the Combistick while crouched would cause two Combisticks to appear

Net Gun

Fixed an issue where the Net Gun could cause a Fireteam member to be unable to break out of their own net if they are netted the moment they are reinforced


Bear Trap

Fixed an issue where the Bear Trap would not disappear after being disarmed if the Bear Trap downs the player



Fixed an issue where the Trapper perk would only apply to the first time you net a Fireteam player

Custom Private Matches

Custom Private Matches are now available! Select the “Modifiers” button while in the Private Match menu to access the new options for Private Matches (Hunt and Clash). Listed below are the categories that can be modified as well as some of the preset custom modes that are available.


Change settings specific to Clash


Change settings specific to Hunt


Modify abilities and power specific to AI characters


Modify abilities and power specific to Fireteam characters


Fun modifiers making for a less serious experience


General match modifiers


Hide or restrict use of various HUD elements


Modify abilities and power specific to Predator characters


Modify weapons and gear usage

Custom Modes (Clash)

Classic Clash

The Classic 4 on 4 versus match

Stabbers Only

Will’s Way: Knives out

Custom Modes (Hunt)

Classic Hunt

The classic Predator vs Fireteam match

Hardcore Hunt

A more intense version for the experienced hunters

Lunar Shooter

The chopper must have taken us a lot higher up than we thought, it almost feels like we’re on the moon

The Floor Is Lava

Predators like to hunt in the heat, but sometimes things can get a little too hot!

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