Preview: Sound Shapes

It seems like no portable can console go without a 2D rhythm game of some form, usually featuring bright colors and simple graphical design. The PS Vita is of course no exception to the rule, and Sound Shapes is the game to fit this trope.

Developed by independent games studio, Queasy Games, Sound Shapes comes in two flavours. You have the single player platform levels, and a music creation mode. The single player mode has you controlling a small wheel as it navigates it’s way around each level, collecting golden orbs as it goes. Your wheel can jump and stick to specific surfaces, allowing you to roll up walls and onto the ceiling to dodge hazards.

The hazards like spikes or enemies are all the same bright red color, and this is part of the fantastic art style with bold colors. Hazard movement is linked in time with the music, in one level lasers were being fired in time with part of the beat. I found myself humming along to get the timing down. The music changes a little based on what your doing, picking up objects adds a little melody to the electronica soundtrack that accompanies each level.

The music creation mode allows you to use a load of classical instruments, along with samples of the single players sound effects. This is all done with the touch screen and touch pad, tapping the screen will show how the selected sound will play in that position. You can either hold your finger their to place it, or use the back touch pad to move the instrument into position without your finger obscuring the screen.

You will see a ghostly line will moving from left to right, playing your creation as it goes. It’s a tiny bit like the music composer in Mario Paint, although it sounds a lot better. As you can preview the way the sound will play, it’s a little more accessible to those who are less musically inclined, and it probably won’t be long after release that YouTube videos of this mode with Still Alive from Portal will be making the rounds.

There is currently no release date for Sound Shapes, however we will keep you posted.

Stay Tuned.