PS Vita will have first-party games still, but don’t expect another Killzone or Uncharted

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) chief Jim Ryan has said that the format holder still has first-party titles for PlayStation Vita in the works—just don’t expect anything of the Triple-A variety ala Uncharted or Killzone.

Ryan’s comments come following earlier remarks from Sony Japan’s Masayasu Ito, who claimed that no more first-party content would be produced for the handheld, as the company was firmly invested in making games for the PS4. That, however, isn’t entirely the case, as Ryan was quick to point out during a chat with VG247.

To clarify what was said about Vita, which was either misinterpreted or misreported: I think what was said was that we’re no longer in the business of triple-A development of games for Vita. But there is still first-party Vita content being worked upon.

If Sony is indeed still planning first-party content, then it was rather shy about the topic during its press conference Tuesday evening, where PS Vita failed to get a single mention. Instead, the console maker focused on a number of new PS4 games, including Detroit by Quantic Dream and DriveClub Bikes from Media Molecule, as well as a barrage of virtual reality content for the upcoming PlayStation VR headset. 

PS Vita was released in December 2011 in Japan and later launched in the west in spring 2012. The handheld’s first 18 months were fairly successful, with a string of major titles including Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Killzone Mercenary, Gravity Rush, Resistance: Burning Skies, Tearaway, and more seeing release. Despite this, the system failed to set tills alight in the U.S. and Europe, although it performed considerably better in Japan. Nonetheless, Sony has admitted that it hoped PS Vita would sell better.


In recently times, the handheld has established itself as a strong platform for indie titles, and Sony’s been keen to champion its Remote Play functionality, seeing the device as a companion to the PS4. While some folks have been quick to stamp PS Vita’s death card, Sony has made it clear the system isn’t going anywhere and insisted it is happy with the device’s performance in the west. It did, however, make it clear that there’s no plans for a PS Vita 2 any time soon.