PS4 game with British gangsters blasts onto PlayStation Store today

UK-based indie developer Fabrik has launched Filthy Lucre for PS4 on the PlayStation Store today.

For some reason, it wasn’t included in Sony’s initial PlayStation Store round-up of new games this week, but it looks like a cracker!

Filthy Lucre is a tactical stealth action game inspired by British gangster films, and gives you the option to wade in all guns blazing, or take the stealthy approach as you battle against a rival gang.

filthy lucre screenshot

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Featuring online co-op, split-screen co-op and a single player mode, become a major part of Britain’s underground criminal network, and wreak your revenge with a variety of weapons.

The emergent gameplay means that no mission ever plays out the same.

Check out the Filthy Lucre trailer…


"A key pillar of our game was choice; making sure the player has options at all times,” says Si Donbavand, Fabrik Development Director.

“Another pillar was consequence; for every action there is a reaction. The combination of choice and consequence means the game really does play out differently every time"

The enemies in Filthy Lucre respond to your actions dynamically as the heat level rises and the carnage escalates. You can take the strategical approach, perhaps heading to the alarm room first to disable the electrics before re-enforcements arrive, or face the action head-on with over 30 upgradable weapons and gadgets.

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In co-op mode, there’s the option to really put tactics into play, working together to divert guards and stealthily taking them down, or ganging up on rival enemies with sheer brute force.

Filthy Lucre features 15 missions, five different locations and is available to download now on PSN for PS4, priced £14.99/17.99 Euros – with a 10% discount at launch for two weeks.