PS4 Neo leaked sketches suggest much larger console

PS4 Neo leaked sketches from a Foxconn worker have appeared online, leading some to believe that Sony’s new console will be larger than the original PS4 model.

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A sketch appeared on Chinese forums A9VG, and is supposedly from an employee at Foxconn employee – the Japan-based manufacturer of the PS4, and other gaming consoles. Over at NeoGaf, the rumor doing the rounds is that the PS4 Slim is 3cm thicker than the original console, and weighs 10lbs. This is pure speculation, and considering the original PS4 weighs a little over 6lbs it seems unlikely.

ps4 neo leaked sketch

In our eyes, the PS4 Neo sketch doesn’t appear to reveal that much, but further mock-ups based on the images suggest that the upgraded console will likely be much larger than the original.

The following PS4 Neo mock-up is taken from the NeoGaf forums, and was created by Peter Segura based on the original sketches from the Foxconn employee.

ps4 neo mockup picture

Another image was created by artsi.

another mock up of PS4 Neo

With no official announcement from Sony, this is merely pure speculation!

PS4 Neo is due to be unveiled in full at the PlayStation Meeting on September 7. With an upgraded CPU and GPU, and the ability to output in 4K resolution, the upgraded PS4 should provide a smoother experience than the original console.

The PS4 Neo release date is expected to be announced, along with pricing, at the PlayStation Meeting.

Alongside the new console, Sony will be announcing the PS4 Slim, a smaller version of the current PS4. The Slim will be replacing the current PS4 as Sony ceases production on the original model.

More details on PS4 Neo and PS4 Slim will be announced shortly.

Source: Thanks to Wcftech for the tip-off.