PS4 Neo price: analyst predicts same cost as original PS4 model, PS4 Slim price same as Xbox One S

Though the PS4 Neo price and PS4 Slim price have yet to be officially revealed, high-profile Jefferies analyst, Atul Goyal, who often speculates about Sony affairs, has made a solid prediction.

Wall Street reporter Takashi Mochizuki has taken to Twitter to reveal that Goyal has predicted that the PS4 Neo cost to consumers will be $399, while the PS4 Slim will be priced at $299.


PS4 Neo cost could be same as original PS4 at launch?

The price that he estimates for the PS4 Neo would mirror the price of the original PS4 at launch. Considering PS4 Neo is an upgraded model with 4K support, we’d hazard a guess that it will probably end up costing consumers a bit more than that. Only time will tell!

PS4 Neo is due to be officially unveiled at the PlayStation Meeting on September 7. Specifications are rumoured to include a CPU boost from 1.6 GHz to 2.1 GHz, and a GPU upgrade that allows owners to play games at a 4K resolution.

A recently leaked PS4 Neo sketch from a Foxconn worker suggests that the console will be much larger than the original.

ps4 neo mockup

This picture is a user-made mock-up of PS4 Neo based on the leaked sketches

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PS4 Slim price could compete against Xbox One S

The PS4 Slim price of $299 that’s been suggested could be spot-on. Pricing the new 500GB console just below the $300 bracket will make it more competitive against Microsoft’s Xbox One S, which retails at the same price for the 500GB version.

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The PS4 Slim launches on September 14, yet some consumers have managed to get their hands on one early after retailers broke the street day, and the first PS4 Slim review has already hit the net. The 500GB console largely features aesthetic changes over the original PS4, including a smaller size, rounded edges, and some changes to the layout of the buttons. It also features a SATA port where you can swap out the harddrive, and comes packaged with a new-styled DualShock 4. 

ps4 slim box

The official PS4 Neo price and PS4 Slim price have yet to be official revealed, though we’re expecting final confirmation on September 7. Stay tuned.