PS4, PC title Daylight delayed until April 29

If you were waiting for the horrors of Daylight on PlayStation 4 to scare you, you will be waiting just a bit longer. Originally scheduled to come out in a mere six days, Atlus and Zombie Studios have pushed back the release of Daylight to April 29th.

According to Atlus’ Twitter feed, the game will release at the price point of $11.99, but it;ll be on sale for $9.99 for PlayStation Plus subscribers during the first two weeks of its release.



Joystiq reports that Zombie Studios "is taking a little extra time to tighten up the scares on level three."

If you are unaware of Daylight or just need something to hold you over for a few more weeks, check out the trailer below and let us know if you will be picking this up on April 29.