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PS4 Player Count Per Game Shows Revealing Statistics

ps4 player count per game

It looks like Sony has inadvertently revealed the number of players that have played each PS4 game. Through the My PS4 Life tool, which allows users to generate videos on the trophy achievements, some revealing figures have been discovered.

By employing some simple maths, users claim to have worked out how to calculate how many people have played a particular game. And some of the results are extremely surprising!

PS4 Player Count Per Game

When you create a video on My PS4 Life, which is only available in the EU, you get data on some of your PS4 trophies. One of these is your rarest trophy. In the video it tells you how many other people have got the trophy.

By then, heading to, you can grab the data in terms of how many players out of everyone who owns it got this trophy. This is presented in the form of a percentage.

With a quick calculation, you can then work out the player count per PS4 game. Genius!

The figures already calculated ring true when we take a look at some of the biggest games on PS4. For example:

Call of Duty World War II was played by 24, 600,000 players. FIFA 18 by 32,500,000 players and Grand Theft Auto V by 51, 700,000 players. Now the trophy data gathered is worldwide, so these figures appear to represented the global figure of player count per game over its life cycle.

So, we know which games are obviously going to do well, but there’s some real surprises with some figures far less or more than we expected.

For example Fallout 76 with 407,000 players. That makes it (at this early point in its life cycle) less popular than Goat Simulator (1.48 m). It’s also interesting to see Spyro not doing as well as expected with 679,000. Interestingly, that figure went down to 379,000 for Ripto’s Rage, the second game in the recently-released trilogy, suggesting a chunk of players didn’t keep on playing.

There appeared to be a lot of interest in the Shenmue remasters too in the lead up to launch this year, but according to this data only 106,000 players played Shenmue and then that dropped to 42,800 for the second in the series.

We’re also massively surprised if the Yakuza 6 numbers are correct. The data here suggests that it was played by only 182,000 PS4 owners.

It’s an absolutely fascinating list. Over on Gamestat they’ve put together a snapshot of 60 PS4 games. However, there’s also a lot of data gathered in a zip file on Reddit so more player count figures will be calculated over the coming days.

At this point, we’re not sure about the accuracy of these totals, but you can bet right now that Sony will be looking at a way to hide these details as soon as possible.

  • Magdem

    First of all. Can these numbers even be real? Some of the numbers seem far from realistic. Second of all. Close to 700,000 players of Spyro exactly one month after release seems pretty decent to me. Anyway, interesting article.