PS4 SHAREfactory app to be further optimized by Sony?

Sony is looking to improve the PlayStation 4’s SHAREfactory functionality, a new job listing has indicated.

According to the posting, the format holder is looking for an individual with experience in C++ programming and shader development.

In addition, the candidate is expected to possess a strong comprehension in GPU Compute and optimization, where they are able to apply this knowledge to the PS4’s GPU architecture. PS4/PC game development and video/codecs experience is also required.

Presumably, this will be patched in via a new Firmware update, though we’ll have to wait and see.

SHAREfactory was implemented earlier this year and allows users to effortlessly their gaming videos with a selection of easy-to-use tools. You can add sound, images, text, and other such effects to your video before adding it to Facebook or transferring to USB to then upload online.

Stay tuned to PSU for more details.

via GamingBolt