PS4 Slim gets WiFi upgrade to 5Ghz, but what does that mean?

Sony’s new PS4 Slim will support 5GHz WiFi, according to the PS4 Slim manual posted on Twitter over the weekend.

The original PS4 model supports WiFi on the 2.4GHz frequency which is prone to dropped connections and interference from other devices in the vicinity. The 5GHz WiFi upgrade for Sony’s new console should mean a more stable connection for those who play their games over WiFi rather than through an ethernet connection.

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PS4 Slim: 5Ghz vs 2.5GHz

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“The 5GHz band is less likely to be congested. The 2.4GHz frequency range is much more prone to interference, as it is commonly used by other wireless networks in the area, as well as cordless phones, garage door openers and other home appliances and consumer products. The 5GHz band can also offer much higher throughput (using the right technology) with the same channel width. It has 23 non-overlapping channels vs. only 3 in the 2.4 GHz band. 802.11ac in the 5GHz band implements many newer technologies, such as, MU-MIMO, beamforming, etc.”

On Twitter, the manual detailing the upgrade was posted:


The PS4 Slim is due for release on September 14, with its initial unveiling coming at the PlayStation Meeting in New York on September 7, 2016. Initial pictures, from those who have managed to snag an early console, show that the new PS4 model is much smaller than the original one.

With a matte black design, the PS4 Slim has had a re-design with rounded corners and a switch around of buttons – the eject and power buttons are now located by the disc slot. The 500GB Slim also features an upgradeable harddrive, but ditches the neon blue light from the original design. It’s rumored that a 1TB PS4 Slim model may also be released.

The PS4 Slim price has yet to be revealed.