PS4 Slim torn apart as PS4 Neo event looms

Nothing has gone quite according to plan for Sony as we head towards the PS4 Slim release date and Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Meeting, dubbed the ‘PS4 Neo event’ by fans.

ps4 slim front picture

First up, it hasn’t actually been officially revealed yet everyone knows practically everything there is to know about PS4 Slim. Secondly, some retailers started selling the unit after shipments snuck into the UK. Then the first PS4 Slim review went online, and now we have some dudes ripping the console apart to show us exactly what’s inside.

Here, watch:


PS4 Slim release date

The ‘PS4 Neo event’ takes place on September 7, which is where we’ll have the final details on Sony’s two new consoles, including the PS4 Slim price.

The slimmed-down version of the original PS4 launches on September 14, 2016. In addition to the 500GB model which has made its way into the public domain, there’s rumors of PS4 Slim 1tb model. The Slim is considerably smaller than the current model and sports a few aesthetical changes, including rounded corners and a new placement for the eject and power buttons.

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PS4 Neo price and release date to follow

The Slim is likely to be overshadowed at the PlayStation Meeting by the full reveal of PS4 Neo, Sony’s upgraded console which features support for 4K resolution. Few official details are known about upgrade, though Neo specifications were apparently been leaked showing a boost to the CPU and faster RAM.

We’ll be covering the PS4 Neo event live, so check back for details shortly!