PS4 update 5.0 poll reveals exactly what PlayStation gamers really want

ps4 update 5.0 psn name change

After 24 hours of voting, the most wanted feature for PS4 update 5.0 has been revealed by readers of PlayStation Universe.

Polling 1,176 PlayStation gamers, PSU.com hosted a poll on Twitter to ask which of the rumoured PS4 update 5.0 features the community would most like to happen.

Sony has yet to hint at anything that’s coming in the next PlayStation 4 firmware patch, but judging by a survey that was sent out a few years back – and based on what’s already been implemented from the list in subsequent updates – we gave gamers the following features to choose from and asked them:

Which feature would you most like to see in PS4 update 5.0?

1. PSN Name Change
2. Increase Party to Max
3. PSOne Classics
4. 4.Store Wish List

They then had 24 hours to cast a vote.

Here’s the results, which can see in the screenshot below.

ps4 update 5.0 poll results

51% of those who entered want the ability to be able to change their PSN name. So far, players have not been able to change their Online ID, or set up a new SEN account and link it to an existing Online ID.

This means that those who didn’t think long and hard when they created their PSN name, such as JustinBieberLover69 and YurUglyFatMom, have been stuck with it for years. The ability to change your PSN ID is the most requested feature that players want to see in the new PS4 firmware update 5.0.

Coming in a fairly close second was PSOne Classics. Though there’s some great games on PS4, players obviously miss the fact that the PS3 was able to play PS1 discs and looking to stir up more nostalgic memories on PS4 playing some of the classic titles from PlayStation history.

ps one classic in ps4 firmware update

Whether Sony will eventually implement either of these features is unknown, but we’ve passed on the feelings of the PlayStation community.

PS4 update 5.0 is due to hit beta shortly, and sign-ups are still open.