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PS4 update 5.50; PSN Name Change and Other Essential Features

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The PS4 update 5.50 beta is about to begin and everyone has the chance to participate and see what new features are coming up in the new firmware patch.

The PS4 5.50 system software update will arrive later this year. The fact that it's having a beta phase suggest some big changes are coming. The PlayStation community will be looking forward to some of the features on their wish list, but what exactly will Sony add?

PS4 update 5.50 features wanted

Well, there's four major features that we'd definitely want to see, and we understand that at least three of these can't be too hard to implement, especially after we saw some great new features in PS4 update 5.0.

PlayStation Store Wish List

You browse through the hundreds of games on the PlayStation Store right now. You see a few things that you like, buy one and start playing. A few weeks later, you log back onto the PSN and check out the PS Store again, but can't quite remember the name of one of those games that you were interested in a few weeks before.

Simple: give players the opportunity to create their own wish list. Let us tick off the PS4 games that we're interested in and provide a new tab so we can access this list whenever we want. Not only would it be a great feature for gamers, but surely it would also be beneficial to PlayStation as it may increase spending.

PSN Name Change

PlayStation gamers would love to be able to change their PSN ID in PS4 update 5.50. Since the dawn of time, players like ‘bettyswallocks' and ‘noob12345' have yearned to be able to change their online name. To something cooler now that their older and more mature. Sony should set it so we can only change our PSN username once a year. That way we can reaffirm our online identities!

Gifting Games

Wouldn't it be nice to gift games to friends and families? No longer would you have to present your loved ones with a PSN gift card so they can scratch off a code and redeem it. Instead, you could simply select a game from the PlayStation Store, click on ‘Gift', and choose any PSN ID. Then, a lovely message pops up in your friend's inbox telling them that they've been gifted a game. They then click on the link, and bang, it's downloaded into their games library.

Make SharePlay longer

Currently, you can SharePlay with your friends for a maximum of 60 minutes, but it's not long enough. There's nothing more frustrating than reaching an end of level boss, knowing that you have 30 seconds left to beat him before you're booted out. Restarting the SharePlay session takes too long. We understand that Sony don't want other people lending your games while you're at work for the day. However, extending the session to two hours would be a great feature for PS4 update 5.50. While they're at it, it would be nice if there were more SharePlay compatible games!

PS4 Trophies sorting alphabetically

We do like the secret PS4 update that was added previously, which allows you to search online for a guide for a certain trophy. However, we'd much prefer the ability to properly sort the trophy list in PS4 update 5.50. There's already some decent sorting abilities, such as by grade or date earned. But, how hard can it be to add the ability to sort trophies alphabetically? You can do this on PS Vita!

What features would you like to see in PS4 update 5.0? Let us know in the comments.

  • Nameless King

    They mean no wishlist accessing the store on the PS4 itself. They were not very clear but that has been a long time complaint.

  • Ken

    I’d like to have a Video Chat room like the PS3’s. Surely a lot more people have a PS4 Camera now, especially if they have Playstation VR.

  • Argenis flow_RD

    PSN NAME CHANGE and trophies automatically

  • Marty8370

    SharePlay been 60mins is only meant to be ther to try before you buy…..Any longer why would you you buy.

  • NinoBr0wn

    That’s all you guys came up with? How about these:

    -Trophy tracking
    -Boost mode using more cores
    -Option to turn off “Pro” support
    -Auto trophy sync
    -UI customization and pinning
    -Trophy and download history organization and sorting
    -Stat tracking and PSN leaderboards across games and genres
    -Option to download game updates manually and individually from game installs
    -Fix rest mode not updating games and/or not accepting downloads from the web store
    -Ability to add video and streaming apps to folders

  • The truth-ier

    They are terrible when it comes to updates compared to MS

    … besides shareplay, this is everything MS already has.

    • Barry Harden

      I rather have late features than to have no good exclusive games to choose from on XBone.

    • J.j. Barrington

      So then it shouldn’t be hard for Microsoft to focus on games, right?

    • Beasley2K

      For the first year,all Xbox One updates were essentially adding features that the PS4 already had… And people were acting like it was winning because of it.

  • J.j. Barrington

    How many times are people gonna ask for name changes like that has anything to do with the PS4 firmware?

  • Gabriel Serrano

    What ever happened to video conferencing and OOVOO?? PS3 had this out the box and yet we still do not have a way to video conference our friends and family. I thought we would have the ability to play with friends and both have our cameras on?

  • Rustyhole

    proper syncing of my cart while accessing it via the PS4/PC/phone. Currently, they’re all separate.

  • liviu

    Kodi as the default player. It will be much better than the existing media player. Support for cd audio and mp3. Work a little more on the media side, just like the ones on Xbox.

  • Jacob Ferris

    How about PSOne classics? I would like to change my PSN name since it’s so old and embarrassing.

  • Beasley2K

    You can sort Trophies on PS3 and a Wish List is present on the web browser Store, so I don’t know why these aren’t already implemented.

    What I really want is for them to be more dynamic in pricing and actually allow DLC to depreciate rather than remaining full price for 10 years with the exception of sales. I know this isn’t something to be rectified with an update, but that would be much better to me than any feature they can propose.

  • Beasley2K

    Although one feature I do want is the option to track Trophy Progress. For example if a Trophy is earned for killing 1,000 enemies, I want the Trophy List to display my current progress towards the goal, e.g. 525/1,000 kills so far. I know some games do this in-game, but I’d rather see from the Trophy List itself. Surely it can’t be that hard to allow.

  • Stephen Ross

    I would like see offline notification