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PS4 Update 5.56 – New Firmware Update Goes Live

ps4 update 5.56 patch notes

PS4 update 5.56 is now available to download. The patch delivers a system software update that improves performance.

The download size of PS4 update 5.56 is 438.7MB, and providing you have automatic downloads turned up, your console will update next time you boot it up.

We’re currently leading up to the launch of PS4 update 6.0. The big update for PlayStation 4 is currently being tested, and will include a host of new features.

One of those features was recently revealed to be an update to the way players navigate the PlayStation Store. Once the update lands, you’ll be able to use the on-screen keyboard to find games.

  • Jake

    How about you finally add something that us players have been asking for since the PS3 and that is Auto-Updating? How damn hard is that to add it to the PS4?
    And why are we getting charged Tax on things we buy from the Micro-transaction in games? If we pay $10 for a PSN card we expect to be able to buy something with that $10 but no you decided to add tax which makes it harder, either make the tax added when the card is bought or discontinue the tax!