PS4 vs Xbox One: Sony to win ‘by a nose,’ says ex-Xbox chief

The former vice president of gaming publishing at Microsoft has admitted that his former company is unlikely to beat long-time rival Sony in the latest console war.

Speaking during a recent interview, Ed Fries, who battled Sony’s PS2 with the original Xbox back in 2001, didn’t mince his words when sharing his views on who he thinks will emerge triumphant in the current hardware punch-up.

I think it’s PS4 by a nose," he said. 

However, Fries admitted that the introduction of virtual and augmented reality could shake things up in the future, with Sony and Microsoft both going down their own path in this respect. 

For now however, the former Xbox executive feels that Microsoft will be unable to close the gap on PS4, which has already sold over 20 million units worldwide.

Both PS4 and Xbox One launched in November 2013, although Sony’s machine gained an early advantage in the sales war, and has continued to maintain a comfortable lead over its rival ever since.

via bizjournals