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PS5 Games Showcase Still Set For June, Now Includes Both First, Third Party Games – Report

According to a report from VentureBeat’s Jeff Grubb, Sony is still intending to run a PlayStation 5 games showcase for its next-generation console at some point in early June. Though the previously cited June 4 might not longer be stuck to, Grubb insists that his sources suggest that change would be one of a matter days, rather that of weeks as Sony has its heart set on getting the showcase in the books as soon as possible.

Speaking about this, Grubb said, “First is a Sony event in early June. The company was originally planning this for June 4, but it is moving it around. The exact date is more nebulous now. That doesn’t mean it’s slipping by a matter of weeks, though. The early June timeframe is still the company’s current plan.”

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Elsewhere we now have a better idea about what to expect from this PS5 games showcase too. Previously thought to only include first-party titles, Grubb also confirmed that the platform holder is looking to incorporate third-party games into its line-up, but did say that currently uncertain date might cause some issue in that regard, “What should you expect from this early June event? Sony was putting together a roster of next-gen games (not just first-party). The shifting date, however, may cause some complications in that regard.” Here’s hoping that the third-party stuff we see for PlayStation 5 is a world away from Microsoft’s risible showing earlier this month.

Additionally, Grubb is less certain about the PlayStation 5 getting its first public showing in the flesh, so to speak, at this June event. Speaking on this, he could neither confirm or deny that the console would finally be unveiled stating, “And I do not know if this is when Sony will finally show the physical console itself. It’s possible, but I cannot confirm that.”

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Further afield, Grubb did make mention of the fact that Sony will look to keep up the momentum from its June showcase by kicking off State of Play briefing in August which is tipped to include a mixture of current and next-gen title – “I do anticipate that Sony will have shown the PlayStation 5 off in detail by the start of its following event. The company is putting together one of its State of Play video presentations for early August. This will highlight a combination of current- and next-gen games.”

It certainly doesn’t seem like we have much longer to wait, does it?

Source: VentureBeat