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PS5 Leak Looks Totally Fake, But You Be the Judge

ps5 leak

Following on from the PS5 specifications leak, which haven't been officially confirmed, we've been contacted with some new information. The anonymous source sent us a document which they claim is from a source within Sony.

We understand the same document has been sent out to multiple gaming sites. It screams fake, but we figured that we'd show you so you can make your own minds up.

The PS5 document is a PDF file called ‘Project Epsilon Preliminary Overview'. It states that Sony's next-generation console will be powered by AMD, which ties in with unconfirmed information from SemiAccurate.

Is This PS5 Leak Legit?

Other information about PS5 includes:

  • 100% backwards compatible with PS4 games
  • Fully compatible with PS VR and PlayStation Move offering a improved VR experience
  • CPU: AMD Zen 8 cores - single-chip custom processor
  • GPU: 14.20 TFLOPS, AMD Navi-based graphics engine
  • Memory: 32GB GDDR6 technology
  • Storage - 1TB SSD

The latest PS5 document is full of grammar errors, which is a huge red flag. It uses a similar template to the PS4 Neo (PS4 Pro) leak in 2016, with was proven to be accurate, but appears far less professional.

ps5 slides internal sony
PS5 leak looks fake.

PS5 Leak Makes Staggering Claims

It claims that all games developed by Sony Interactive Worldwide Studios with production starting after April 1, 2018 will be exclusively for the Project Episilon system.

Other information on the alleged PS5 internal document includes:

  • All PS4 and PS4 Pro titles will have an update patch to run better on PS5
  • Stably rotating games at 60 frames per second

This is where it really starts to fall apart. Every PS4 game to get a software patch so it runs better on PS5? Nah. And 60FPS when some PS4 games don't even run well at 30FPS? Throw 4K into the equation and it seems very unlikely.

It seems that this alleged internal PS5 document for ‘Project Epsilon' is simply information taken from the recent PS5 specifications leak, with a few decent guesses and a few silly ones. With rumors that Sony’s new console will be released over the next couple of years, there’s plenty of speculation doing the rounds, and it’s not unusual to see fake documents.

One such rumor is that the PS5 will play PS4 games. This seems very plausible, though Sony didn’t implement such a feature to play PS3 games on PS4. Earlier this year, a marketing company representing Sony sent out a PS5 survey. In the email from PlayStation Voice, it appears that Sony were trying to work out user’s expectations for the new console.

As of now, Sony hasn’t officially announced PS5, though it’s rumored that PS5 dev kits are already in the hands of developers. With another rumor suggesting that CD Projekt Red may be creating its upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 game for both PS4 and PS5, Sony’s console may land far sooner than we think.

  • Chuck

    Fake or not, most of these specs seem entirely plausible for a device that’s going to launch in late 2020.

    One such rumor is that the PS5 will play PS4 games. This seems very plausible, though Sony didn’t implement such a feature to play PS3 games on PS4.

    The situation couldn’t be more different now. The CPU architecture of PS4 and PS5 is going to be essentially the same, both are x86, both are just like PCs, the PS4 is an older PC and the PS5 is a newer PC. The PS3, on the other hand, had its own proprietary CPU with a completely different architecture, some even claim that it was more powerful than the PS4 CPU despite being 7 years older. There was no technologically viable way to implement backwards compatibility. On the other hand, the only possible reason for Sony not to include PS4 backwards compatibility on the PS5 is pure greed.

    Every PS4 game to get a software patch so it runs better on PS5? Nah.

    Why not? Okay, obviously the launch titles and cross-generation games released very early in the generation (e.g. COD Ghosts, Assassin’s Creed IV, Watch Dogs) are not getting patches anymore, but I don’t see why newer games wouldn’t? They got patched to support the PS4 Pro with better graphics, why wouldn’t they get patched to support an even more powerful system? Again, the architecture is identical, so it’s going to require minimal effort from the developer, basically like changing graphics settings on a PC game.

    And 60FPS when some PS4 games don’t even run well at 30FPS? Throw 4K into the equation and it seems very unlikely.

    I’m not entirely sure what the document exactly meant by “stably rotating games at 60 frames per second”, but I don’t think that pushing a 4K 60fps game would be impossible for a GPU that’s more than twice as powerful as an Xbox One X.

    • David Denino

      I agree, the only thing that makes me think it’s fake is the 1TBSSD

      That would be far to expensive, that money would be better spent on CPU/GPU silicone and ram. Plus its easier to market a big 2+TB HDD, the general public doesn’t care about ssd they see a bigger number they think it’s better

      Another thing is the grammar mistake and the way it worded the all PS4 games get patches, i think that’s just not feasible. What’s most likely to happen is a built in function to up resolution and fps of ps4 games similar to what the xbone x does with base xbone game without patch. And the more recent games getting patches like you mentioned

      • Jimmy’s Sandwich

        I think it would be something more like “All PS4 and PS4 Pro titles will (NEED TO) have an update patch to run better on PS5. And you are right about the ssd, they will never add that.

      • Chuck

        Yeah, the 1TB SSD is the only thing I think is unrealistic, I wanted to write that in the comment but I guess I forgot
        About the patches, the way it is worded on the second slide does not say that all games will get a patch, just that all games can get a patch.

    • Lily Flower

      I think they will use a hybrid SSD/HDD for faster boot up and 4K recording.

  • xamaryllix

    32GB RAM? Possibly if this RAM is shared between GPU and system like in past consoles. Otherwise, it’s be smarter to just wait and see.

    • Lily Flower

      32 GB ram seems like an overkill for gaming. But they will definitely have to put in 16 GB. I hope they will put in 24 GB. Otherwise it won’t be a big step up from the Xbox one X.

  • Nate Higgers

    Sounds way too dreamy. faker than kim ks ass.

  • Swinny UK

    Well, whatever Sony does, the biggest thing for me would be backwards compatibility. There’s only a few games that I enjoy, so literally 99% of my gaming time is spent replaying older stuff. This generation has been devoted almost entirely to Bloodborne, for me. And I’m playing Nioh at the moment. I’m not sure what I’d play without these games. I currently have 5 consoles(soon to be a 6th – Switch) all hooked up to my TV, and most have just 2 or 3 games that I enjoy on each. For my XB1, it’s Bayonetta and Killer Instinct. For PS4, Nioh, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls III. For Wii U, it’s The Wonderful 101 and Bayonetta 2. My PS3 and PS2 systems are the exception here, as both have many, many games that I enjoy playing. Too many to name here. Oh, and btw, PS3 and PS2 both play PS1 games, meaning I don’t need a PS1 cluttering up the space under my TV – IT’S GLORIOUS!
    Now which 2-3 games is PS5 going to provide me with? lol You get my point, right? Backwards compatibility is exactly the kind of thing a person like me needs. I’d buy a PS5 at launch if this was the case because then even if I didn’t like the likely-awful launch games, I’d happily play Bloodborne on it until something good comes along.

    • Beasley2K

      Backwards compatibility is way too overrated and possibly my least cared about feature right now.

      It would be good to be able to play previous games, and I’ll be disappointed if it can’t, but it really isn’t a big deal either way.

      As much as I’d have liked the PS4 to be backwards compatible, I can still play my PS3 games on my PS3. If the PS5 can’t play PS4 games, I’ll just play them on my PS4.

      No-one buys a PlayStation with the primary purpose being to play the previous generation’s games.

      • Swinny UK

        Well, to me, it is important. I literally have no room left, lol. I have a PS4, XB1, PS2, PS3, Wii U and a Switch, that’s on top of my two Blu-ray players(one of those is region-free) and an amplifier. I’ve no room, and no incentive to make room(by putting away one of these consoles) at the beggning to a console life cycle, which is low on games due to the small initial install base and developers being scared to release anything for the first two years. Why would I, for example, put away my PS3, which I own 100s of great games for, just to put a PS5 there, which will have 1 or 2 games tops and even those will be low budget and low risk because of the small install base? Tech demos, that’s what the start of a new gen is like. And considering that at this late stage I’m still not happy with the PS4’s library, it is one of the most important things to me. I’ve spent almost this entire generation playing Remasters, Bloodborne and older games like Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising because there’s not much new stuff for me.

        Ha, it’s “overrated”, eh? You mean I personally see more value in BC than you think is justified. Well, speak for yourself.

  • Nestor Toy

    FAKE! the freaking 1TB SSD right now goes for approx. $250+, 32 GB DDR6 Ram probably over $300. No one is gonna buy a $1,000 PS5

    • Sammy Champion

      I bought a Samsung SSD 860EVO for just $199.99 it was a flash sell and the vender was
      You could say that in 2 more years the same SSD might be as low as probably $120 or $150 or even lower especially when the new generations of SSD supposes to be out by or before 2020 so that would make the current SSD even more cheaper.

  • Mat Cone

    Highly unlikely.

    First off the gpu would only be 14.2 Tflops? This is plausible. If you look at ps4 and ps4 pro gpu we have 1.8 tflops, and then 4.2 tflops, that is a 2.33x improvement. Now we could compare the 4.2 to 14.2 but that would be a wrong assumption to do. 4.2 to 14.2 is a 3+x improvement, but when comparing ps4 pro to xobox one x it is 4.2 and 6. The new goal is no longer the pro but the one x so take the 6 and the 2.33x and you get at least a 13.98 tflop improvement to be expected. This falls within that 14.2 range. Gpu= plausible

    Second, the ram is way off. The ps4 and ps4 pro both use 8gb gddr5 and they both share it with the gpu. To calculate improvement we could see a 4x improvement in ram vs gpu due to pricing and past upgrade improvements… but that till wouldn’t equal to 32gb gddr6. This could come down to a variation of possibilities depending on what sony deems more important. If they stick with gddr5 then you are likely looking at a max of 24gb not 32gb. If they upgrade to gddr6 then you are looking closer to 12gb gddr6. They could also take the middle ground and upgrade to gddr5x and 16gb. Then the small possibility of hbm or hbm2 at 32gb, but that is very unlikely since hbm is nowhere near as easy to program for and would also prevent the ps5 and ps4 from being backwards compatible.

    Third, the ps5 could have an update that will speed up ps4 and pro games. This is likely since the ps4 pro already has such an update called ” beast mode” that can be activated in the settings increasing the performance of ps4 games to that of the pro. So this is highly likely just not as likely to be released at launch with the console, it would be a later update.

    Fourth, the cpu being 8 cores and also another amd cpu is pretty much guaranteed. The backwards compatibility, easy to program, and low price point locks this in.

    Fifth, the 1tb ssd has to be the biggest joke and least possible. The big gpu and ram is more likely than the ssd. The reason why the ssd is a joke besides the fact that it is too expensive for a console, is the fact that sony only upgrades the drive connectors and not the drives themselves. For example the ps4 and ps4 pro went from sata 1 to sata 3, a major upgrade for the connector. The catch being no stock pro console saw an improvement because the hdd in the pro was the same as the ps4. The ps4 and the ps4 pro both had 5400rpm hdd, same as the ps3. On top of that the ps4 and ps4 pro can be upgraded to ssd since the hdds are at home upgradeable. I personally have a 2tb sata ssd in my pro (an ssd that costs 3 times more than a ps4 mind you). So if sony is going to upgrade the hdd then it would likely be from a 5400rpm hdd to a 7200rpm hdd or even possibly a 10k rpm hdd. It is unlikely for them to upgrade to sas, and very unlikely to upgrade to nvme unless they have both sata and nvme. Nvme ssds are even more pricier than sata ssds. And besides price point ssd is unlikely because you would probably end up with a 60gb ssd (60gb is what was in the og ps3). So i would say expect a 7200 rpm 1tb hdd.

    Sixth, the ps5 will be backwards compatible with the current vr headset, that is also more than likely guaranteed. Sony is having a hard enough time keeping vr going as is to make a decision that would kill it completely off.

    So overall,, 8 core amd, 12 to 16gb gddr5ish ram, 1tb 7200 rpm hdd,14 tflop gpu, eventual update for increased performance for ps4/ps5 cross platform games, and bring over the vr headset… This is most likely the ps5 specs to expect.

  • Shulk

    If there is GDDR6 memory in the PS5 i could see it being 8 or maybe 12 GB GDDR6.
    As for the TFLOPS i could see it being half of what is presented to keep costs down, and if anything i could see it using a 4 TB HDD as those will be cheaper in the next year of two.
    This would be to keep costs down, and who knows what disc format it would use i’m gonna guess 4k Blu-ray. Though 4K blu-ray is getting cheaper.

  • Lily Flower

    I think that in order to make a true generational leap, the ps5 has to be at least 6 times faster than the ps4, which would put it at around 11 tflops. If not, games would only look slightly better than current ps4 games, except they would run at 4K. I wish they could hit 14 tflops, but probably not unless they drop the APU design. But on the bright side, we will definitely get a much better CPU and more ram.

  • neonspark

    Navi at 14tflops lol no.