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Rumour – PS5 Pro Enhanced Label Targets 60 FPS Games, Ultra-Boost Mode Also Planned To Make Old Games Run Better

Yet more details on Sony’s as-yet unannounced PS5 Pro have come to light in a report on The Verge, which claims that the hardware manufacturer is working on an Ultra-Boost Mode for the new system to ensure older PS5 games run better on the system. The main feature however will be the PS5 Pro Enhanced label for an overall dramatic increase in performance.

Sources told the publication that Sony is requesting that developers work on a new graphics mode exclusively for PS5 Pro that combines the company’s PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR) upscaling to 4K resolution and 60 FPS, complemented by ray-tracing effects.

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The Verge report suggests that we could see PS5 Pro Enhanced titles which run between 1080p — 1440p at 30 FPS on the standard PS5 and between 1280p — 2160p on the PS5 Pro at the same frame rate. Developer would have the option of enabling ray-tracing effects and qualify for the PS5 Pro Enhanced label without boosting the resolution or frame rate.

However, it is reported that the PS5 Pro Enhanced label will not be offered for games that simply run at a more stable frame rate, nor will it quality for the label if it runs with a variable resolution (you can read more about stipulations for PS5 Pro Enhanced here). Meanwhile, the PS5 Pro Ultra-Boost Mode will help VRR modes run at a higher frame rate, so they still benefit from improved performance on the console even if they haven’t been updated.

Yesterday a separate report on The Verge revealed that Sony is looking to have every game submitted to certification in August to be compatible with the PS5 Pro. However, journalist Christopher Dring has reported that some developers are questioning why PS5 Pro is even happening, as they haven’t made the most out of the standard console.

The PS5 Pro is reportedly set to launch in late 2024 and is known internally as Project Trinity.

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