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PS5 Release Not Delayed To 2021, But Some Preorders Have Been Pushed Back

Sony has not announced an official PS5 release delay to 2021 – don’t panic, the console is firmly cemented in for a November launch – but some folk have been unfortunate enough to have their preorders either cancelled outright or pushed back to next year.

Sadly, this is the reality facing some early preorder customers as retailers struggle to cope with demand.

PS5 Delay Not Happening, But Preorders Could See Delay To 2021

For some reason, a lot of folk online are searching about a possible PS5 delay to 2021. Relax, it’s not happening – but is your preorder secure? If you’re wondering what we’re on about, then you should probably listen up.

Unfortunately, it’s become clear that some retailers are unfortunately not able to secure all PS5 preorders for launch day. For example, GameStop Ireland have informed some customers that their console will not ship until 2021, dashing hopes of playing the new machine on day one.

That’s bad enough, but on the other hand, ShopTo has been forced to outright cancel some PS5 preorders, meaning some unlucky folk won’t get their hands on a console this November. Chances are this will probably happen with other retailers as time goes on, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Demand for the PS5 is overwhelmingly high right now. Earlier today, GAME put up a fresh batch of preorders, and within minutes they had sold out.

The PS5 is pencilled in for release on November 12 in the US and Japan and November 19 in the UK and Europe.