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PS5 SSD Will Make ‘A Huge Difference’ To Designers, Says Halo Co-Creator

Marcus Lehto, a former art director with Bungie who has worked on numerous Halo projects over the years, has heaped praise on the PS5 SSD, saying it will ‘make a huge difference’ to game creators.

PS5 SSD Praised By Former Bungie Dev

Speaking with VGC, Lehto, who was involved with Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, OSDT, and Reach, said that it will open up new doors for game creators, eliminating loading screens and offering bigger worlds to explore.

It will make a huge difference. It will open up the door for more expansive content that can stream a lot faster. Players won’t be waiting on load screens and we won’t have to hide loading behind cinematics and that kind of thing.

It will just help make things a lot more seamless and fluid for the player when it comes to their experience on those consoles.

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I am really excited about that because that’s one of the things that’s really hard for us in particular right now: dealing with those old platforms. These platforms have been around for what, seven years? Developing for them is like developing for machinery in the stone age.

The PS5 is slated for release in holiday 2020, and it is unlikely to be delayed unless Microsoft decides to push back the release of the Xbox Series X.

Source: VGC