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PS5 Vs Xbox Series X Analysis Reveals Notable Advantages For Sony’s System

With Sony having fully revealed the PS5 specs a few weeks back, we’re now able to compare the machine to the Xbox Series X, leading many to conclude there isn’t much different between the two. However, a new analysis of the hardware on James Pendergast’s blog reveals a couple of advantages for the PS5 over its competitor.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X

Given there’s little difference between the CPU’s of both consoles, the PS5 instead has a few advantages when it comes to RAM, I/O and SSD speed.

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We’ve been hearing for months that there’s not much between the two devices from Microsoft and SONY, with “sources” on both sides of the argument claiming that each console has an advantage in specific scenarios. Incontrovertibly, Microsoft has the more performant graphics capabilites with 1.4x the physical makeup of the Playstation 5’s GPU core.

PS5 vs Xbox Series X analysis reveals subtle advantages for Sony’s console

That’s only part of the story though, with the PS5 running a minimum 1.2x faster than the Series X across the majority of workload scenarios. That narrows the advantage of the SX (in terms of pure, averaged, GPU compute power) to around 1.18x-1.2x that of the PS5.

But what about the CPU? Performing the same, simple ratio calculation, you can work out that the SX is 1.02x – 1.10x more powerful than the PS5’s, depending on the scenario. Not that big a difference, really… and the CPU/GPU should sport pretty much the same feature set on both consoles.

He goes on to say that Sony’s next-generation console features the “bandwidth and I/O silicon in place to optimise the data transfer between all the various computing and storage elements.”

Yes, the PS5 has a narrower GPU but the system supporting that GPU is much stronger and more in-line with what the GPU is expecting to be handed to it.