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PSU’s Game Of The Year 2022 Awards – Best Remaster/Remake Game

Best Remaster/Remake Game – Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

Who needs new games when you can just play something older, albeit prettier ones? That’s why we have remasters and remakes! This year was no exception, whether it’s the PS5 overhaul of The Last of Us or a revamp of PSP’s cult classic Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, there’s plenty of excuse to revisit some classics on PS4 and PS5.

This vote was pretty tough, but we ultimately went for Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, which while technically a remaster, really does a lot more than just polishing up some textures.

You can read our Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion review here.

Runners Up

How our GOTY votings are conducted: PSU staff members can nominate games eligible for each category. Each PSU staff member gets one vote. The winner is decided by our site staff through majority vote.