PS4 Raging Justice

Raging Justice Looks to Give the Streets Rage Again in 2018

Every now and then I find myself wistfully staring out of the window, sighing heavily, and really thinking deep and hard about lost love. A tear rolls down my cheek as the harsh pain of loss stabs me once more.

When oh when will my dearest Streets of Rage return to me? How can any other beat ’em up ever hope to fill its 16-bit shoes?

Well, Raging Justice is going to have a good crack at wooing me, as the new beat ’em up from Team 17 and independent developer MakinGames is set to scrap its way onto PS4 later this year. Complete with bears and tractors.

Raging Justice is a classic style brawler brought back to life with some snazzy HD graphics and modern sound. You will battle your way through hordes of thugs in Big Smoke City. From there you’ll unleash maximum brutality with Rick Justice (grizzled veteran cop) and Nikki Rage’s (tough, ex-military type) savage fighting styles. You will also be able to choose whether to arrest or annihilate your foes. Whether you play as good cop or bad cop has consequences and will result in a different ending to the game.

Raging Justice’s morality system certainly gives it a unique selling point for a beat ’em up. The fact it also features ride-able tractors and lawnmowers is also a strange, but welcome, bonus. As is the ability to use stuffed bears and live pigeons as melee weapons. I’m all for a bit of absurdity, and Raging Justice seems hell-bent on having at it.

You can see it in action in the announce trailer below.

While I naturally remain cautious, Raging Justice looks like it could be a silly bit of old-school fun. We shall see when it arrives on PS4 Q2 2018.

Now back to some sad and wistful staring.