RE: Director’s Cut PSone Classic arrives on PSN May 28

Another great game is on its way to the PlayStation Network’s PSone Classics collection — and soon. Resident Evil: Director’s Cut will be arriving on the network this coming Thursday, one of the "the marketing dudes that work here at here at Capcom" confirmed today.

For those unfamiliar with the game, here’s a snippet from our ‘History of Resident Evil‘ feature.

"Resident Evil offers the quintessential Survival Horror experience – a sublime cohesion of puzzles, combat and exploration, combining intricately designed pre-rendered backdrops with fully 3D rendered characters, creating an (at the time of release) unprecedented level of immersion and fear among players. Taking control of either Redfield or Valentine, player find themselves battling against legions of Biological Weapons including zombies, giant snakes and infected canines as they explore the mansion and its nearby grounds in an attempt to uncover the twisted, malevolent operations of a pharmaceutical giant known as the Umbrella Corporation."

Resident Evil: Director’s Cut will be available on May 28 for $9.99 USD.