Ready at Dawn talks PSP to PS4 transition, says ‘an eyeball texture is bigger than all the memory PSP can hold’

Ready at Dawn has described how the studio has found transitioning from PlayStation Portable development to working with the PlayStation 4 with its hotly anticipated action-adventure title, The Order: 1886.

Speaking with MMGN, Ready at Dawn’s Technical Director, Garrett Foster, had this to say on the topic:

Our last major team focus was on the PSP so we went from something that was smaller in scope to something that’s massive in scope. It’s been a huge, huge scaling issue for us. Everything we do is now just bigger. For example, an eyeball texture is bigger than all of the memory the PSP can hold [laughs]. When you think about that, well yeah, that’s quite a bit of detail but it’s only a very small part of a bigger picture. We had a lot logistical issues going bigger. But what we wanted to do for our new game was very story driven. It lends itself to being on a couch.”

The Order: 1886 is due out exclusively on PS4 on February 20, 2015. During the same interview, Ready at Dawn described Sony’s current-generation hardware as ‘unique’ and ‘fun’ to work on.