Realms of Ancient War, a new hack n’ slash on PSN this Tuesday

The official PlayStation Blog has posted details on a hack n’ slash game you’ll be able to download come Tuesday, September 25.

Realms of Ancient War will cast you as either a Barbarian, Wizard, or Rogue in a drop-in/drop-out co-op experience that pays homage to games like Gauntlet and Baldur’s Gate. Developer Wizarbox has spent over two years working on the title, which draws inspiration from many games to create a "best of" glimpse of a much-loved genre.

Julien Millet, Project Manager at Wizarbox, also described a few of the game’s interesting features. You’ll be able to take control of certain enemies mid-combat, or clear large swaths of baddies with powered-up versions of your basic attacks. Fast-paced fighting is the motto of the day, and Realms of Ancient War hopes to deliver it in spades.

You can download Realms of Ancient War when it hits the North American PlayStation Store on Tuesday, September 25. Would you like to see more games of this nature made available on PSN? Let us know in the comments section.