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Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Sell Stolen Items For The Best Price

red-dead-redemption-2 how to sell stolen items

Like us, you’ve probably gone to the General Store to sell some of the stolen items you’ve picked up in Red Dead Redemption 2. Only to find out that they’re grayed out and the shopkeeper won’t by them.

Any items that you’ve picked up from downed enemies, robbing folk or thieving are stolen goods. You cannot just sell them at a normal store in any town. Instead, you have to sell stolen items to the various Fences in the game.

Whether it’s jewellery, watches or rings, a fence will buy the lot from you and you’ll make a tidy lump of cash. In total there are four fences you can barter with in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Where To Find Fences In RDR 2

You can find the Fences locations by opening up your map and checking out the icon. The icon looks like a pair of scales and has the word “Fence” next to it.

You can find a Fence at Emerald Ranch, just to the East of Valentine. There’s one in Rhodes, one in Saint Denis and one at Varn Horn Outpost. All these locations are clearly marked on your map.

Approach any of these fences and you can sell your stolen items for the best price. Alternatively, you can donate items to the camp to help with upgrades.

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