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Red Dead Redemption’s 60 FPS Patch On PS5 Reportedly Brought About 16% Of Players Back To The Game

When Rockstar released a port of its beloved PS3-era game Red Dead Redemption, which was only a native PS4 game, and ran at 30 FPS even on PS5, a lot of players scratched their heads.

Then, last Wednesday, the game was updated and a 60 FPS mode was quietly added, that seems to be working just perfectly fine. Players on PS5 can now play a two-generation old game at 60 FPS, who would’ve thought?

Why this patch wasn’t included at launch is currently a mystery though it seems the work to do it was worth it, as a report from TrueTrophies shows that about 16.12% of players actually returned to the game after the patch went live.

The report also goes into how the player-base had been dwindling since it launched, not surprising for a single-player game that demands a fair chunk of your time to finish it.

But this shows just how important it is to players that something runs at 60 FPS, especially when there’s seemingly no reason why it shouldn’t.

Source – [TrueTrophies]