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Remedy Working On PlayStation Exclusive Game – Rumor

Rumors are swirling that Alan Wake developer Remedy is beavering away on a PlayStation-exclusive project.

Remedy Developing PlayStation Exclusive?

While this seems like a bit of a stretch, let’s just take a minute here to explain. First up, Sony’s indie boss Shuhei Yoshida was visited by Remedy, with PlayStation Europe’s external development branch XDEV Europe, retweeting Yoshida-san’s post. In addition, XDEV also did the retweet for Remedy.

Not enough?

Okay, well, there’s more to tell. The lead producer at Remedy Entertainment, Alexis Guariguta, recently added XDEV + CoDev in his job title on LinkedIn, which definitely indicates that the two companies are working together.

There’s obviously no confirmation at this point that Remedy is working with Sony on a PlayStation exclusive title, but we’ll keep our eyes out for any more developments.

Last year, Remedy acquired the rights back to the Alan Wake franchise, sparking hope that we may see a PS4 remaster of the much-loved horror title. Nothing has been announced regarding an Alan Wake remaster yet, but it still remains a possibility.

Sam Lake also said that he would still like to make the long-awaited Alan Wake 2, but the chances of that being a PS-exclusive are pretty slim.

Alan Wake was released for the Xbox 360 back in May 2010 and was later ported to the PC. The game sees players controlling the eponymous horror writer as he vacations at Bright Falls with his wife, only to become embroiled in a fight against a mysterious and dark entity known as the Taken.

Remedy followed the game with two narrative-based DLC packs and the spin-off Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

Despite its popular among gamers (we at PSU Towers are big fans of Alan Wake), a full sequel has never materialised. However, Remedy did prototype Alan Wake 2 at some point, but opted to move forward with Quantum Break instead.

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