Research says Prototype to outsell inFamous by 90%

InFamous and Prototype’s similarities and release timing have often led to comparisons. Electronic Entertainment Design and Research has made what you could call some educated guesses and released a report predicting that all platforms of Prototype would outsell inFamous by 90%.

On the PlayStation 3 only, inFamous should outsell Prototype by 35%-50%.

InFamous developer Sucker Punch Studios has always, for various reasons, been a Sony-exclusive developer, so this report won’t affect its platform preference. No one knows the development or marketing costs for either title, and as such the profit ratio is not necessarily the same.

Still, the conclusion we are expected to draw is obvious, as stated in the report by Analyst Jesse Divnich: “Due to near identical game play and quality scores, the inFamous vs. Prototype case study presents interesting data to publishers when considering the sales bump a title could receive by choosing exclusivity over a multiplatform release.”