Resident Evil 4 easter egg found after 12 years


Fans have discovered a new Resident Evil 4 easter egg more than 12 years after the critically acclaimed horror sequel launched on Nintendo GameCube in early 2005.

The easter egg was discovered by YouTube member ‘Slippy Slides’ while using an unlocked camera in Chapter 5-4, which is located towards the end of the game. 

You wouldn’t usually be able to spot it due to the fact it’s hidden away in some distant ruins that goes far beyond any Sniper Rifle scope you can obtain. However, the unlocked camera makes it possible to spot the easter egg, which takes the form of a 2D image of a Japanese male striking a zombie-like pose.

While it’s unknown who the individual is, fans have speculated that the easter egg is of one of the game’s developers. Given how difficult it is to find, it’s no wonder it took gamers over a decade to locate.

Check it out below.

Resident Evil 4 remains one of the most influential third-person action games ever released, and was responsible for reinvigorating the franchise during the mid-2000s. The game was ported to numerous systems over the years, most recently the PS4 as part of Resident Evil’s 20th anniversary celebrations. 

The game stars Resident Evil 2 hero Leon S. Kennedy as he is tasked with rescuing President Graham’s missing daughter, Ashley, from a mysterious cult in rural Spain in fall 2004. The game is notably for being the final title in the series to be directed by Shinji Mikami, and eschews the traditional fixed camera angles in favor of fully 3D rendered environments.