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Resident Evil 8 release date, news, characters, wishlist, and trailers

Resident Evil 8

Capcom have pretty much confirmed that Resident Evil 8 is already in the works following the success of Resident Evil 7. The series is in its 22nd year, and is currently enjoying a resurgence thanks to a back-to-basics approach with Resident Evil 7. Here we’ll round up everything you need to know about the game as it comes in, including the Resident Evil 8 release date, characters, trailers and all the latest news.

Wishlist: What we want to see in Resident Evil 8

If you’ve finished Resident Evil 7 and its DLC, you’ll know that there’s certain things we can expect. We compiled a list of features, settings, plot points, and more we want to see in Resident Evil 8.

  1. A big city. Or at least the illusion of one. After the creepy backwoods of Resident Evil 7, it’d be a nice change of pace to do a deserted city. It’d act as a good flipside of Resident Evil 2 Remake’s likely chaos-ridden Raccoon City.
  2. Retain Resident Evil 7’s more personable early game.
  3. Retain that sense of claustrophobia and urgency: A city makes sense and follows the trajectory of the original series - it allows for a diverse area that contains both sprawling areas ripe for back-tracking whilst being connected with a series of more narrow, confined areas that would serve combat well.
  4. Enemy variety - this is a big one: we need new foes that actively challenge your odds of survival and make you react in different ways. It has to make you think of on your feet and thus speak to the freneticism and pacing of some of Resident Evil 7's best encounters.
  5. Weapon variety. More monsters should mean more ways of handling them. Doesn’t have to be anything ludicrous, just a bigger arsenal.
  6. Keep the story concise - no frivolity or stupidity à la Resident Evil 6. An air of mystery was a big part of Resident Evil 7’s appeal.
  7. Bring in Barry for some reason. Because. And some other characters perhaps - only where necessary, no pandering. Connections to the series’ history aren’t going away, so at least do it right.
  8. Parallel stories: A neat progression, and a nice callback. being able to play through the game with two different characters sharing some common threads, but having notable changes in puzzles and threats would make the game feel much bigger.
  9. More VR! Resident Evil 7 in VR is a tense, atmospheric horror experience. With refinement, it could only get better in Resident Evil 8.

Resident Evil 8 Release Date

No news as yet on a release date, but keep in mind Resident Evil 7 went from announcement to release in just over six months, so could be a while before any concrete date.

What is Resident Evil 8’s story?

No concrete story details as yet. Expect it to continue on from the events at the end of Resident Evil 7 though. What we do know is that executive producer Jun Takeuchi wants this next game in the series to the “the start of a new kind of survival horror.” What they want to do is to evolve the survival horror genre. We also got some clues about who might be directing Resident Evil 8. It's rumoured that horror maestro Shinji Mikami, the creator of the Resident Evil series, may be involved.

Resident Evil 8 trailers

There are currently no trailers for Resident Evil 8.

Resident Evil 8 screenshots

There are no Resident Evil 8 screenshots as yet.

  • PorHawj2016

    Please put Jill Valentine in this game.. bring 3rd person view back to this game. i am not into first person view

    • theundead

      Oh you want the same repetitive stuff back and superheroes? Ok

    • Sarah

      I would LOVE to have Leon back to just loved him !!

      • PorHawj2016

        it would be great to see Jill meet up with Leon for first time.. Have they met yet ?

  • Magdem

    Please, Sir. More VR. Imagine being in a racoon-like city. Dark and atmospheric. You weigh your options wether to engage the slowly aproaching zombie hoard, or risk making a run for the unexplored apartment building. All around you you can hear the threatning sound of sagging footsteps slowly closing in on you. In a rising state of panick your eyes catch a glimpse of what apears to be a living person in the distance. Wait. Not a person. A small child. On course for the massive waive of death aproaching. What will you do?

    • theundead

      That could happen in re2 remake with vr support

  • Scottie

    Would rather see REmake 2 tbh.

    • theundead

      On the 21st

      • Scottie

        We will see…

        • theundead

          Yes we will

  • Nedal Al Saleh

    i predict resident evil 8’s main protagonist is either ethan winters with jill valentine as a supporting character or jill valentine as the main character & ethan winters as a supporting character & the gameplay will be similar to resident evil 7 as first person view expect that it has more options than its successor