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Resident Evil Village On PS5 Is The Clear Winner Over Xbox Series X For Load Times

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Capcom‘s Resident Evil Village is out today, and early performance tests reveal that the PS5 version of the survival horror title is the clear winner when it comes to load times.

As noted by an in-depth test conducted by Digital Foundry, Resident Evil Village does not feature any load screens on the PS5, as it simply boots up your game within seconds. The Xbox Series X takes a bit longer, and includes the load screens seen in previous games.

Resident Evil Village is now available for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One, and you can read our full review of the game here. Those of you looking to grab the Platinum will have to make sure you’ve mastered the art of speed running to some extent and beat the game on the highest difficulty.

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Rumors have already started floating around that Resident Evil 9 is in development, although it’s a long way off at this point.