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Respawn Has Some “Very Exciting” Things Going On, Says EA’s CEO

According to EA’s chief executive officer Andrew Wilson, there are some “very exciting” things in the works at Respawn Entertainment.

For the most part, every large gaming publisher in the industry has an in-house studio that’s its golden goose. For PlayStation, that’s arguably Insomniac at the moment, though it’s been Naughty Dog in the past.

For Take-Two, it’s been Rockstar for a long time, and for EA, it’s been Respawn ever since Apex Legends took off and the success of the Star Wars Jedi series.

Respawn’s built a reputation for high-quality games across multiple genres, so it’s no surprise that there’s projects in the works players ought to be looking out for.

And Andrew Wilson has no misgivings on how important of an acquisition Respawn has been for EA, and how the acquisition that occurred long ago has proven to be the best forward-thinking move EA has made.

“We haven’t done that many acquisitions, we’ve done a few. Respawn of course was maybe one of the most incredible acquisitions ever done in the industry.

They’re an incredible team and they’ve created incredible value for us, for our shareholders and certainly for these global communities of players across Apex and the Jedi series.

And you should imagine that there’s some other things going on at Respawn that we’re very excited about, that we’re not going to talk about but that we’re very excited about just given the quality of that group.”

As far as what that actually is, we’ve not got a lot of information on the team’s next projects. It’s likely that a new Star Wars game is in the works, though there could also be a new IP incoming, as Vince Zampella, head of Respawn and the director of Respawn classic’s like Titanfall is working with a small team with the goal to “find the fun in something new.”

Source – [VGC]